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I am a Washingtonian, and I do not own any alternate luxury place. I do not envy the rich for moving away to safer places of their own, earned, inherited or otherwise. If you have no appropriate skills to offer the community, there is no obligation to stay put at the time of a health crisis .

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For beginners and intermediate learners, however, your needs are different. You will need a grammar checker that checks for common developmental errors and transfer errors from your first language. You will also have difficulty constructing and conjugating verbs. Your writing will include numerous tense shifts, word order problems, and number agreement errors. You’ll use the wrong word for a particular context, and you will tend to impose the common sentence structures from your first language onto English that will seem unnatural and confusing to your reader. Add to these, bad translations suggested by Google translate, spelling errors, and the general chaos that comes with the cognitive overload of having to compose in a second language.

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As an online entrepreneur, you can act as a leader by removing the teacher-student imbalance that most courses provide. Instead of this approach, use a collaborative approach with the members. This shows to the community you’re open to learning from others who know something else that you don’t.

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The writer presents, extends and supports main ideas, but there may be a tendency to overgeneralise and/or supporting ideas may lack focus. The writer presents a well-developed response to the question with relevant, extended and supported ideas. The writer presents a fully developed position in answer to the question with relevant, fully extended and well supported ideas. In two of the courses I teach, my students must submit 12 texts over 15 weeks. The first 11 of those texts must be checked with the Virtual Writing Tutor grammar checker and have all avoidable errors eliminated. It must be words in length, contain the target structures from the lesson, and have all avoidable errors elimnated using the Virtual Writing Tutor.

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In addition, it will calculate the similarity of the two texts with a score. For optimal results, check one sentence at a time, and aim for a paraphrase score below 50%. See the paraphrase checker page for more information and a sample text to try. We offer a grammar checking API service with a free one month trial for developers. With the Virtual Writing Tutor’s API, you can add spelling and grammar checking capabilities to any website.